An alternative to Sodastream Carbonators


Looking for a Sodastream Carbonator alternative in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in the UAE? Look no further – bubble-bro to the rescue! Click here and get your Sodastream back up and running again.


Many a Sodastream Carbonator gathering dust!

Sodastream is a mainstay back home for many of us, so it’s no surprise that many people brought their Sodastream over with them when they moved over to the UAE. Unfortunately, many quickly found out that (for political reasons) the brand doesn’t have a presence in the region. Most weren’t able to sort out an alternative way of getting their machines hooked up to a CO2 supply, leaving a raft of soda makers gathering dust.


So what’s the issue?

The issue lies in the Sodastream Carbonator (what they call their CO2 cylinders) having a unique thread that most gas suppliers here can’t cater to. Filling the cylinder was practically impossible unless you went on a mission to source an adapter from overseas, bought a big cylinder here, and went through an unnecessarily cumbersome process of transferring gas over.   The next issue is that shipping cylinders in isn’t a viable option. Not only do you pay the price of buying a new cylinder plus shipping, but you end up gambling on delivery. CO2 cylinders aren’t allowed to be shipped by air, so often shipping cylinders in from overseas is a matter of testing your luck and hoping that the shipment doesn’t get knocked back. Some have been lucky enough to get a soda maker shipped over with cylinders included in the package, only to find that shipping more cylinders in wouldn’t work.

An example of the Sodastream Carbonator-type thread, from one of our cylinders

The Solution

That’s basically where bubble bro came in. Though we initially intended to supply cylinders only for the DrinkMate brand we carry, we quickly found out that the Drinkmate uses the same style cylinder as Sodastream does for its American and European models. We tested our cylinders in place of a Sodastream Carbonator in a few of their machines, and found that it worked!   Thinking that would mean we’d be able to offer a service to fill your Sodastream cylinders too, we tested a Sodastream Carbonator at our in-house filling facility. Sadly, we found that there’s a slight difference in the valve that our equipment couldn’t work on – our guess is that it’s a proprietary design by Sodastream to stop others from filling their cylinders. Oddly enough, it isn’t a difference that stops our cylinders from working on their machines.


The Verdict & Guarantee

So there you have it – the bad news is that we haven’t quite managed to find a way to fill Sodastream Carbonators in particular, but the good news for Sodastream owners is that we can now offer you an alternative that can bring your Sodastream back out of storage! Since the thread’s the same, we’ve decided to offer a money-back guarantee for Sodastream owners – if you buy one of our cylinders and it doesn’t work on your Sodastream, we’ll take it back and issue you a full refund.

There is one caveat though – this applies to American and European Sodastream machines only – it appears that the machines sold in Australia and New Zealand use a different thread. If you’ve brought your machine over from that side of the pond, we’re afraid we may not be able to offer you a solution yet.


Tested & Confirmed!

We should add that other soda makers (for example, the Kitchenaid Sparkling Beverage Maker) use the same type of cylinder too. We’re on the hunt for soda makers to test – we’ve started a list of models we’ve tested and confirmed fitment on, and we’ll be updating it as often as possible – check our CO2 Cylinder listing for the current list. Got a Soda Maker that you want to test one of our cylinders on, or want to help us add to the list? Drop us a note via the contact us page – we’re more than happy to work with you to find out if our cylinders can fit your soda maker, and maybe you’ll help us add another soda maker to the list!

Here’s an example of one of our cylinders fitted in a Kitchenaid Sparkling Beverage Maker – thanks to the awesome customer that sent us these pictures!