FAQ & Benefits

The DrinkMate is a home soda maker that turns water or juices into carbonated beverages or sparkling water. With it you can make your own soda from the comfort of your own kitchen. It uses carbon dioxide from an installed cartridge to pump the carbonation into a reusable bottle.

The DrinkMate doesn’t require electricity to work – a manual push-button mechanism allows users to carbonate drinks to their liking. The Drinkmate also has a release valve that kicks in to release excess CO2 and helps protect you from over-pressurising the the system.

All you have to do is:
  1. Pour water or your desired juice into the bottle, close the lid and attach the bottle to your DrinkMate
  2. Press the carbonation button in short bursts until you reach your desired level of carbonation or until the pressure release valve activates
  3. Press the pressure release button to get rid of any remaining excess CO2
and you’re done. Enjoy!

If your cylinder’s out of gas, you can order refills online or exchange your cylinder in person at any Organic Foods and Cafe Store in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Online Orders:

Visit our store and order a refill/exchange. We’ll send you a full cylinder and pick up the empty one in exchange at the same time. We dispatch refill orders as soon as possible – Orders received before noon are usually dispatched the same day and delivered the next working day, while orders received later in the day are dispatched the following day and delivered the day after.

As we offer free delivery for orders over AED 100 in value, we usually recommend customers order two or more refills at the same time to avoid delivery charges.

Exchange at any Organic Foods and Cafe Store:

All Organic Foods and Cafe stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi stock our refills – you can take your empty cylinder to your nearest store and exchange it in person. The map below shows all Organic Foods and Cafe Store locations:

So long as you hold off on the sugar, sparkling water can actually have a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Improved swallowing ability and digestion: in studies, carbonated water has been shown to stimulate the nerves that govern the swallowing function (1,2,3).
  • Increased feeling of fullness, even when compared to still water (4).
  • It has been shown to relieve constipation (5).
  • In some cases it has been found to decrease LDL (‘bad’ cholesterol) and improve HDL (‘good’ cholesterol) levels (6).
  • It has been found that people consume a greater volume of soda water than still water, which naturally implies a potential improvement in hydration levels (7).
  1. A healthier alternative: It’s a well-known fact that most soft drinks are laden with sugar. The DrinkMate gives you control over what you put in your sodas. You can choose to add fresh juice, organic flavours or healthier sweeteners as a much better alternative to commercial drink brands.
  2. Save money: a sparkling water habit can turn into an expensive affair. Using the DrinkMate cuts the cost of your sparkling water down to less than half the cost of buying it off the shelves.
  3. Reduce your impact on the environment: Using the supplied reusable PET bottle means no more waste – no cans or bottles in the bin!
  4. Fun for the whole family: The DrinkMate can practically carbonate any beverage. Water, grape juice, coffee – the possibilities are endless!

The DrinkMate’s call to fame is its patented detachable ‘Fizz Infuser’ with slow and fast pressure release valves. The Fizz Infuser detaches from the machine along with the bottle, and the release valves allows users to manually release excess CO2/pressure. Some juices or flavours generate more bubbles/froth than others, so the ability to manually control the release of excess CO2 and close the release valve before the froth overflows means users can practically carbonate any beverage with the DrinkMate.

Most home soda makers have mechanisms that don’t allow you to detach the bottle with pressure intact, so they’re unsuitable for anything but water unless you’re willing to endure the mess of your drink overflowing out of the bottle. That’s definitely not the case with the DrinkMate!

The possibilities are endless, but a few examples of beverages the DrinkMate can carbonate, aside from water of course, include:

  • Any pulp-free Juices.
  • Water mixed with juices (nothing like a bit of lemon or lime to give your water a bit of zing!).
  • Cold coffee or tea (go on, try it out!).
  • Your favourite grape beverage.

You can even re-carbonate any drinks that have gone flat.

We source food-grade carbon dioxide from one of the major suppliers here in the UAE and refill our cylinders at our in-house facility. We do not use or import any CO2 from any other sources so customers can be sure that the are getting CO2 with the right level of purity for consumption.