CO2 Cylinder – for DrinkMate & Sodastream Soda Makers

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Produces around 60L of carbonated beverages

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CO2 Cylinder for the DrinkMate and any Soda Makers that utilise Sodastream-style “screw-in” cylinders:

This listing is for a regular size Cylinder containing at least 410g of food-grade CO2. Each cylinder should be capable of producing up to 60L of carbonated beverages, depending on how you use it. The cylinder is designed for use with the DrinkMate and bubble-bro branded soda makers but should also be a viable replacement for traditional “screw-in” Sodastream carbonators / cylinders (not the new quick-connect cylinders introduced by Sodastream in 2021).

The CO2 in our cylinders is food-grade carbon dioxide from one of the major suppliers here in the UAE. We do not use or import any CO2 from any other sources, so you can be sure that you’re getting CO2 with the right level of purity for consumption.

If you already own one of our cylinders, you can order a refill / swap via our refill service.

Compatibility of our CO2 Cylinders with other Soda Makers (Sodastream, etc):

Our cylinders are guaranteed to be compatible with the DrinkMate and bubble-bro Origin Soda Makers. If you haven’t got yours yet – take the plunge and you won’t be disappointed!

That said, we know there are residents in the UAE that own other Soda Makers (like Sodastream machines). We know the challenge you’ve faced in getting refills or spare cylinders. We’ve found that our cylinders are compatible with a number of US / EU spec Sodastream machines for which our cylinders have the same thread, while some machines and regions utilise different cylinder threads. Though it isn’t an exhaustive list, we have tested and confirmed compatibility for the following machines:


US / EU spec Sodastream & other branded machines (threaded cylinders – EXCLUDING Sodastream quick-connect cylinders):

Our cylinders have been tested and are compatible with the following machines from the US, European Union, and select countries outside the Oceania region:

  • Sodastream Power
  • Sodastream Source
  • Sodastream Fizzi
  • Sodastream Jet
  • Sodastream Aqua Fizz
  • Sodastream Genesis
  • Aarke Sparkling Water Maker (utilises Soda stream cylinders)
  • Kitchenaid Sparkling Beverage Maker (utilises Soda stream cylinders)


In 2021, Sodastream introduced a new “quick connect” style of cylinder that has a different connection thread / mechanism. Even for Sodastream’s own machines, these cylinders are not backwards compatible and machines that utilise this new quick connect system are not compatible with Sodastream or bubble-bro cylinders with the traditional thread. For this reason, we’re afraid our cylinders will NOT be compatible with any Sodastream machine that utilises this new style of cylinder.


Examples of new Sodastream models where our cylinders will NOT be compatible include:

  • Sodastream Terra
  • Sodastream Duo


Oceania Region / spec machines:

Unfortunately, Australian / Oceania Sodastream machines use cylinders with an older / different “Type 30” thread, so if you bought your soda maker in Australia, New Zealand or nearby our cylinders may not be compatible with your machine.


Need help?

If there’s anything we can do to help you work out whether our cylinders can fit your Soda Maker, or if you encounter any issues getting the cylinder to work on your Soda stream, please WhatsApp or contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

We’ll keep updating this listing with information on compatibility regularly, but we’re largely confident that our cylinders will work with all Sodastream machines purchased in/from the US or Europe that utilise threaded cylinders – For clarity, this excludes any machines that are designed their new “quick connect” cylinders. It doesn’t do you or us any good if you purchase cylinders from us and find out they don’t work on your machine, so if you’ve bought a cylinder from us via our online store and it doesn’t work on your soda maker for any reason, we’ll take the cylinder back and issue you a full refund. Fair-use rules apply though – the cylinder must be full and we may need your help sending us details of which machine you tried it on.

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