About us

Thanks a ton for dropping by and seeing what we’re about!

We are a family that has been in the UAE for quite a while. Over the years we’ve been here, we’ve spent a small fortune on organic sodas and sparkling water. Just like you, we always wondered why we couldn’t get our hands on a decent Soda Maker in the UAE. Eventually we decided to stop wondering and do something about it!

After scouring the world for the best Soda Maker out there, we found it. Our family’s been using the DrinkMate for quite a while and we love it! There’s no better Soda Maker out there, particularly when the rest are only able to carbonate water. Since we came across the DrinkMate we’ve been making our own fresh, organic soda at home at a fraction of the cost.

Our mission now is to show the UAE how awesome it can be to make your own healthy or organic soda from home. Back in 2013 The National reported that UAE had the fifth-highest level of soft drink consumption in the world. We’d like to help show the UAE that sodas don’t have to be laden with sugar to be tasty.

Last but definitely not least, we’ve kept things simple so that we can focus on getting the basics right. We know the value of delivering on our promises, and we plan on doing exactly that. Bubble-bro also supplies the CO2 cylinders that are compatible with the DrinkMate, and we plan on making sure they’re always available. We’re working on rolling out more ways you can get your spent cylinders swapped with full ones as conveniently as possible.

bubble-bro.com is owned and managed by Bubble Bro General Trading Co LLC, registered in the Emirate of Dubai, U.A.E.

Our address is WH-06, SPD Warehousing Complex, Dubai Investment Park 2, Dubai.



We are the authorised distributors of the DrinkMate Home Soda Maker and its accessories, including CO2 refills.


To get in touch, email us at info@bubble-bro.com or drop us a note via the Contact Us page.