Tips on how to best use your DrinkMate

Image of straws in a healthy soft drink

No matter whether it’s your first Soda Maker or you’re a seasoned veteran, getting the best out of your DrinkMate takes a bit of trial and error until you’ve figured out what suits you the most. We’ve prepared a list of tips and tricks to help you find out what works for you and set you up with your ideal soda and put you well on your way to making your own healthy soft drink:

1. Experiment!

The DrinkMate’s carbonation button is manually-operated, so it’s up to you to decide how many presses of the button you need before your healthy soft drink is as fizzy as you want it to be. The number one tip we’d offer is to try it all out – try to see what kind of results you get out of varying the number of times you press the carbonation button, trying different durations per press, and even different levels of liquid (less liquid = more fizz!).

While it’s not set in stone, keep in mind that short presses (around 1 second per press) work best. If you’re after an extra-fizzy drink, holding the button down for an extended period may not get your drink carbonated to the ‘maximum’ level – multiple 1-second presses of the button should net you better results.

Keep in mind that no matter how many times you press the carbonation button, the release valves in the fizz infuser kick in once pressure passes a certain limit, so there’s no risk of you over-carbonating your drink or putting too much pressure in the bottle. Past the point that the release valve kicks in, you’re better off not putting much more CO2 through – save that gas for your next drink!

2. The colder the better

The colder your drink, the better the carbonation – for example, with water you can go as low as 0.5°C and ideally your drink shouldnt be warmer than 5°C. Warmer drinks may still get carbonated, but won’t be as fizzy.

If you’re using super-cold drinks, don’t be alarmed if ice forms in your drink – it’s not uncommon for the CO2 jet to cause ice to form if your drink’s cold enough. Just let your drink rest for a bit and the ice will of course melt.

3. Lightly shake the bottle

Once you’ve carbonated your drink, pop the bottle out of the device and (with the release valve closed) gently rock the bottle from side to side or give it a light shake to increase the level of carbonation. Let the bottle rest for a bit before you open the release valve to get the best results.

4. Use the slow release valve

If you’re carbonating water, releasing the excess CO2 pressure is as easy as lifting the slow release valve tab and pressing the fast release button – no need to be tender! However, for drinks that foam up a bit too much once they’re carbonated, the slow release valve tab’s your best friend – open the tab, and keep an eye out for the foam rising. Close the tab if the foam reaches the neck of the bottle, let the foam die down, and repeat until all the excess pressure is released.

5. Don’t use juices containing pulp

The DrinkMate can carbonate practically any drink, but juices containing pulp can clog up the infuser and void your warranty. For best results, use pulp-free juices – if you’d like to carbonate juice that has pulp in it, your best bet is to carbonate water and add it to to your juice (and yes, it still turns out awesome that way!).

6. Wash up!

Wash the fizz infuser immediately after use – make sure you clear out any potential blockages or juice that ended up inside the fizz infuser’s straw. If you’ve carbonated juice or made yourself a flavoured drink directly in the DrinkMate’s bottle, it’s also a good idea to shift your drink into another bottle and washing out the DrinkMate’s bottle.

7. Get Inspired!

We’re going to be updating our Recipes page as often as possible, so stop by as often as possible for inspiration. Until then, there are plenty of awesome recipes you can find online just by searching for healthy soft drink ideas – here’s one we found particularly inspiring!

Sharing is Caring

Got any other tips you’d like to contribute to your bubble-bros and bro-ette’s? leave a comment, write to us on our social media pages or drop us a note via the contact us page and we’ll add it to the list. If you’ve got a killer recipe for a fresh or healthy soft drink, submit your recipe to us and we’ll share it with everyone.